At our Fencing & Decking branch located in Allerton (BD15 7QE), we have just completed a 12-week yard extension to give us some much-needed Room for our Fencing Timber.

During the summer it became quite challenging to match supply to the increasing demand for fencing & decking products however with this extension we now have the capacity to take our stock holding to a whole new level. This means we can supply more customers with their fencing and decking projects next year.

A special thank you to Buntons who took on the project!

The following images were taken throughout the construction of our New Extension:

1. The plant starts to arrive as we prepare to get underway

2. The grass bank has been completely dug out (looks a little tidier already!)

3. The material begins to arrive to create a solid foundation using Gabions.

4. Plenty of baskets to fill!

5.  The sun is shining but there’s a long way to go yet…

6. The Gabion baskets are slowly getting higher!

7. The level isn’t quite there just yet but getting closer

8.  Preparation begins for the concrete pads:

9. Really starting to take shape now…

10. Last couple of pads to go!

11. A proud moment as the first load goes into the new area – a load of sleepers ready for next year!

If you wish to place your own order please call our Allerton branch on 01274 548861 or place an order via the website.

Thanks for reading!


Manningham Fencing & Decking - Expanding our delivery fleet - 08/05/18

At our Fencing & Decking branch located in Allerton (BD15 7QE), we now have a second delivery wagon to cope with increased demand! Allerton started as a timber mouldings specialist over ten years ago before we added a fencing and decking element to the branch. Originally we began without any wagons and relied on deliveries by our other branches – This seems a long time ago now!

1½ years ago we got our first wagon our little 7.5-tonne merc. After much growth we decided to upgrade our delivery force so in April of this year-  just in time for the spring rush - we received our 26 tonne Iveco. This has increased our delivery capacity significantly and now we can take larger and increased numbers of deliveries, meaning more and more people can get there fencing and decking done this year.

Our new and bigger wagon is a 26 tonne Iveco. This wagon has a maximum carry weight of 14,000 KG and maximum length of 7.4 Mtr. No need to worry about the size of your job this wagon can bring it all. With Hiab offload we can easily drop tonnes bags and concrete fencing, saving you time having to help offload the wagon!

Our smaller wagon is a 7.5 tonne Merc (which we have been running with for the last 1½ years) this wagon has a maximum carry weight of 2500 KG and maximum length of 5.4 Mtr. This wagon is for the smaller jobs (weight wise) this wagon is primary used for timber orders and can also carry bulk bags depending on the load.

If you wish to place your own order and see one of these beauty’s for yourself, please call our Allerton branch on 01274 548861 or place an order via our website.

Decking Calculator now in production - 21/03/18

This spring we’ll be launching our next Project Calculator to run alongside our successful Fencing Calculator.

Introducing our brand new bespoke Decking Calculator which is currently in production and should hopefully be live by the end of this month!

Simply put in your measurements, pick which decking and accessories you want and our new calculator will do all the work for you. It’ll produce the number of boards, joists and fixing and you’ll have the option add all the products straight to your basket and checkout.


The decking calculator is bespoke so you’ll be able to choose between our timber decking, range of composites or even our Anti-Slip decking range. It’s a fast way to get your decking quoted.

This is due to release on our website very soon so keep an eye out.

Composite Decking- Product Info - 07/02/18

Composite Decking is becoming all the rage. As we head toward spring, we are fielding more enquires each week at our fencing and decking branch located at Allerton (BD15 7QE). At Manningham concrete we sell 3 Ranges of composite; from the competitively priced MC Deck to the premium Trex boards.

Composite decking boards are manufactured from recycled materials, they come in a range of colours and a wide range of balustrade options. They are highly weather resistant, low maintenance. Composite won’t warp or splinter, it will never require staining or painting, it is fade, stain, mould, rot and scratch resistant and will look as good in years to come as when it was first installed. No screws, no screw holes, just an easy hiding fixing system. nothing to interrupt the smooth texture and comfortable feel of your new Composite Deck.

Installing your composite decking might seem like something you’d want to leave to the professionals but this video from Trex will explain it. This might not be as tricky as you think! Watch these Trex Transcend boards being put down without any hassle!

Our composite decking comes in 3 varieties

Trex Transcend Decking


Mc Composite Plus Decking

MC Composite Decking

Rock Salt - Product Info - 19/12/17

With temperatures plummeting over the past couple of weeks and plenty of Ice around it’s the right time for a blog post on Rock Salt. At Manningham Concrete we sell Rock Salt in either a brown grit or a translucent white. Both forms are available in 25kg or 850kg Bags and we’ve special offers available depending on how many you purchase! Although white is a little more expensive it creates less mess when walking inside buildings, unlike brown which can leave quite a bit to clean up! Rock Salt is a natural substance that will help you remove ice quickly. In this article we’ll cover how to use salt to melt ice on driveways and pavements.

Step 1 - Shovel Snow from the Area

First shovel as much snow and ice as possible from your driveway or Pavement.

Step 2 – Apply Salt

Apply the salt to the icy areas on your driveway or Pavement using a shovel. You should notice the ice start to melt away quickly, with thin patches of ice gone in a matter of minutes.

Step 3 – Remove Ice with a Brush or Shovel

Whisk the remaining ice away. Your thin icy areas may completely melt away, but you’ll likely need to shovel away the thicker patches.

Step 4 – Reapplication

Reapply the salt only as needed after shovelling. With a healthy supply on hand you should keep the dangerous icy patches away for the duration of the winter months.


Consider purchasing salt in bulk. It can sit quite happily for extended periods of time without losing its effect. The benefit of buying in bulk is money saved in the long run and when the cold snap hits, there’s guaranteed to be supply issues.

Try to keep the salt away from your lawn if possible. The chlorine released from the salt will kill the grass.

Keep your salt away from anything metal. It will start to corrode metal when it gets wet.

Salts besides magnesium chloride only work well when the outside temperature is above -7 degrees Celsius. If it is colder than that, sand might be a better option. Sand won’t melt the ice, but it'll provide you with traction to avoid slips and falls.

Products Needed

Brown Rock Salt

White Rock Salt

Wheel Barrow



Knauf Insulation - Product Spotlight - 30/10/17

Insulation typically makes up about 1% of the building cost of your home, but conserves energy and money for the entire lifespan of the building, as it is maintenance free it’s really a no brainer to get the best quality insulation for your price point.

Knauf Omnifit Roll is the next generation of knauf’s insulation roll range, boasting many advantages over their standard loft roll. Earthwool OmniFit Roll is a multi-purpose, flexible, non-combustible, glass mineral wool roll, and is specifically designed for installation by friction fitting. It’s marketed by knauf as being “fitter friendly” as it is about half the weight and half the density of their standard loft rolls with matching performance. As the packs are half the weight it’s much easier to get upstairs and a lot easier to handle. They have a great thermal performance and acoustic performance which give the roll practical versatility enabling it to be used in partitions and between floors, It’s also non-combustible to euroclass A1. Visit their website for more information -

 Knauf also manufacture Earthwool DriTherm glass mineral wool cavity slabs which have an amazing energy efficiency rating and help keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer reducing temperature regulation costs of your home throughout the year. These slabs are also made with a focus on sustainability being made from recycled glass bottles. With a 50 year guarantee earthwool cavity slabs are a sound investment not to mention they are far greater value for money than the competition. the video below is a bit long but really covers all the great points of the product.


Bathroom Showroom Renovation Underway! - 13/10/17

Manningham concrete cemetery road branch is renovating their bathroom showroom, with a team working hard to construct eleven wonderful examples of what they can do for you. The renovation is going to show off some stunning examples of Vitra, Kudos and Carron’s most practical and aesthetically pleasing bathroom products.

The redesign will demonstrate several ways to maximise your space to give you not only great looking but practical and comfortable bathroom space. Hopefully work will be finished before Christmas so feel free to come down and have a look!


Our Showroom also stocks a full range of contemporarily styled bathroom taps which are chrome plated giving a sleek and stylish feel and will bring your bathroom into the 21st century, or if that’s not your thing they also stock classic styled taps which are simple and elegant with an aura of a bygone time.

Along with our range of taps we also stock a beautiful range of tiles from rustic stone effect, glossy ceramics and textured matt, there’s certainly a style to fit every home. We have a wide range of accessories including towel rails and toilet roll holders to put the finishing touch on any bathroom project.

With a versatile range of bathroom furniture to suit almost any bathroom space, whether you have a smaller room and require smaller storage units, or a large family bathroom which can comfortably fit in a lot of furniture to provide plenty of storage.

Feel free to contact us if you need some help creating your perfect Bathroom or Kitchen (01274 493311 ext. 4) or send an email to and our team will be happy to help.